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Hello all! My name is Rowan. I am a book enthusiast, tumblr blogger, and AO3 writer. I have a big fic called It Has To Be You that is a crossover between The 100 and Fear of The Walking Dead. I write many ficlets on my tumblr and try to respond write them within a week. I have PTSD, major depression, and ADHD. Writing seems to help and while I'm up till 3 in the morning reading and writing, I figured I would try to make some money while doing it.
I have been too self concious to make a patreon which is why I've written on AO3 until now. The fics I have on AO3 and my tumblr will remain free to the public. The story I am offering here is completely separate and of my own creation and world. 

So what is this fic you'll be paying for monthly? It's a lesbian fantasy novel about a princess and a knight. I've been writing it on and off for a while now and am perfectly content in selling it on patreon. 

Welcome to the land of the Vodrugalla Kingdom. It is here our story starts with Hayden, the blonde knight forced into working for the King by her dark past. This time the King has sent her out to find his disobedient youngest daughter. Will Hayden be able to bring the princess home? In a land plagued with bandits and dragons it might not be as easy as she thinks. Follow along for adventure, action, and even romance. 

This is a prompt I received on my tumblr for Clexa, a pairing from the the show The 100 between Clarke Griffin and Lexa. The chapter I provide each month will be longer and more descriptive. This is just an excerpt is to demonstrate writing sample. 

Prompt: Clarke and Lexa go on a date (maybe they’re married or long term dating) and they see a homeless kid and they take him in?

”Clarke tugged at her wife’s hand. It was date day or adventure day, depending on who you were talking to.

“I know how to get to the park Clarke.” Lexa rolled her eyes, a mischievous look painted the green of her eyes.

“Good, then speed up. Think of all the Pokemon we’re missing out on!” Clarke sounded very exasperated. A Pokemon go adventure date hadn’t necessarily been what Lexa had in mind when she had suggested going out to the park after their lunch but whatever it took to keep her Clare happy was good enough for her. Lexa smiled at Clarke and tugged her hand, causing Clarke to stop and turn. The momentary pause was all Lexa needed to pull Clarke to her and into her arms, giving her a very deep but quick kiss. Clarke melted against Lexa and smiled against her lips. They had only been married for 3 years but everyday felt like it was the moment when she had fallen in love all over again.

“Excuse me.” The pair heard a small voice from below them. Lexa broke the kiss and took Clarke's hand again, looking down. A small child, he looked about 6, was wearing clothes that were two sizes too small. He had dirt smudged across his face and his hair looked like it had never even seen a shower head. Lexa bent down, letting go of Clarke’s hand.

“How can we help you, young sir?” Lexa locked eyes with the small boy. His eyes were as blue as Clarke's were and the thought made Lexa smile to herself. The boy smiled at her and stuck his hand out.

“My name is Aden. I wondered if we could strike a deal of some sort.” He looked between the two woman, his confidence making Clarke giggle slightly. Lexa took his hand and shook it.

“Strong grip there Aden, you must a powerful young man. What sort of deal? I’m Lexa and this is my wife Clarke.” She nodded up towards Clarke. Aden brought his hand back to his side and turned his head to the side in thought.

“I’ll tie your shoe for you if you buy me a snack from the vender.” He suggested. Normally the adults went the other way when he said excuse me. Clarke bent down, getting even with him.

“Where’s your mom  Aden? Shouldn’t she be able to buy you a snack?” It was innocent question, Clarke was truly curious as to who would leave a child outside the park on a cold fall day.

“It’s just me.” Aden looked at the ground. It had just been him for a few years. The men in blue had taken his mom away and she’d yelled at him to run and so he had done just that.

“I have a proposition for you Aden.” Lexa lifted his chin, locking their eyes. “You come to our house shower, let us get you some clothes, eat, and then you tie all my shoes.” Lexa and Clarke watched as his eyes light up.

“Honest?” He looked between them with wide eyes.

“Honest.” Clarke nodded at him. Lexa held out her hand and he took it.
Aden was just finishing buttoning up his shirt. Today was his first day of high school and his mom’s had been all over him to make sure to write down the bus number and his schedule.

“Aden sweetie, don’t forget your lunch, it’s in the fridge! I’ve gotta go to work now, I’ll see you when I get home! Love you!” Clarke called up the stairs. He heard a brief kiss and stuck his tongue out. All of these years and his moms were still so in love that it was sickeningly sweet.

“Love you too!” He called out. He reached beside his desk and grabbed his backpack, heading out of his room and down the stairs.

“There he is.” Lexa smiled at him from her seat at the kitchen table. “Just be yourself Aden. You got this.” Aden nodded at her, kissing her on the cheek as he passed by.

“Yeah, Ma. I know. Need me to tie your shoes before I go?” The knowing glance between the pair brought tears to Lexa’s eyes.

“No, that’s alright. Go ahead and get your lunch or you’ll be late for the bus.” Lexa smiled to herself as he headed to the fridge.

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