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I adore raccoons & I adore you. In most raccoon circles, this is known as "probably the best tier."

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Hi, I'm Roxi. I'm a self taught freelance digital artist from Toronto, Ontario. I'm mostly known for the jokes and/or memes that I write on Twitter though & I have decided to start making a webcomic called Garbage Royalty. You might know me as a goblin warlock. You might know me as someone who argues with breakfast pastry companies online. You might know me as someone who talks about raccoons and lasagna a lot. 


I'm making a webcomic & offering exclusive content for people that want to see more content from me (or who just want to throw a dollar at me every month because they don't want that dollar for whatever reason. Maybe it's haunted. Maybe a witch put a curse on it. Maybe a raccoon gave it to them & told them to give it to me. Who knows? I'm not going to question it.)

I've also made a Discord server (and moderate it) for people to hang out in now that I've reached my first goal here on Patreon. It is currently open to the public but Patrons have exclusive roles and access to hidden (possibly haunted) channels.

You can think of my Patreon as a fun trade with an old witch that you just met in an alley (but like... she's a pretty cool witch who is offering you an apple that totally isn't poisonous & she doesn't smell like cabbage.)

Because I love what I do online and want to keep doing it but still need money to live. I have a long list of health issues that prevent me from seeking out other forms of employment but creating online content is something that I am capable of, love doing and have a long history with.

I take art commissions when I can but your contributions through Patreon would be a lot of help right now & will go towards helping me pay for things like Photoshop (so that I can keep making cool stuff), other random life expenses (like lasagna) & greatly reduce the stress that I am under! Less stress = more content! So, if you like any of the things that I do on the internet, please consider becoming a patron.

All pledges/tips/purchases are tremendously appreciated. If you were here right now, I'd offer you a friendly fist bump and my rabbit Janis would probably roll over and grunt in your general direction. If you can't afford to become a patron right now, don't worry about it. I get it. You have to secure your own lasagna before you can help someone else secure theirs. I still appreciate the hell out of you.

But still want to throw haunted dollar bills at me?



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