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$1+ patrons get access to sketches, art, scripts, & other behind the scenes stuff. A lot of this will be Lacuna Break & Transpose Operator, but there will be other stuff too. Some things I post will be specifically for patreon, & others will be patreon early access. I might post it to my blog or other online places later, but you will get to see it first! 
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$5 patrons will get access to the Transpose Operator content that publishes once a week.

Transpose Operator is a light novel project consisting of prose, illustrations, and comics to tell an ongoing story.

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Hello! I'm Roxy Polk, a freelance comics & game artist! I am also a writer! I also stream on twitch 3 days a week! I do a lot of things! If you've made it to this patreon, then THANK YOU, I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to look at my work & would be eternally grateful if you decided to stick around & become a patron!

I am a freelancer, which means my monthly expenses are sometimes hard to meet due to the infrequency of jobs. your help as a patron allows me to live like a regular human & produce art. The first goal will be to get to $600 a month which will allow me to update Lacuna Break twice a week, & update Transpose Operator more frequently. This is no small feat & I don't know when we'll get there, but I want to ask for your help to achieve this goal. I can't do this alone, & anything you are able to spare will help.

I'll have a ton of ideas for future milestones and such but those are a long ways off. Let me tell you about the breakdown of the different patron tiers!


I have a webcomic that updates every Tuesday called Lacuna Break!

You can visit it here:
Lacuna Break is a sci-fi road trip adventure about an ex-security officer named Eris Tanner, and an alien con man named Galett Feros. Eris wakes up in a time far into the future long after humanity has become a memory, & stumbles into a partnership with Galett in order to find a lost ship that could prove humanity is not as extinct as the rest of the universe thinks. In their journey they'll infiltrate space pirates bases and stumble into secret mafia auctions among other things. All the while meeting different characters along the way, & finding out more about each other.

I love found families, space, and adventure stories--in particular road trip stories--so I wanted to make a story of my own with these elements, and that is Lacuna Break!

Come have an art work day with me on twitch! Or come hang out while I play video games! I focus on narrative and character heavy stories, mostly RPG, Horror, and Adventure games. I'll post announcements about when the streams start on twitter. These are relaxed  streams so I can chat will you all, and you can get to know me and see my process or just hang out and talk about games. So come by and say hello~

These will be available to everyone as they are on twitch, so follow or subscribe to me on twitch and twitter for notifications.

Additional streams pop up from time to time as well so make sure you follow me online to be in the loop.

Current stream schedule is as follows:
Tuesday: Game Stream 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
Thursday: Game Stream from 3:00pm - 9:00pm PST
Sunday: Game Stream 3:00pm -9:00pm PST


---- $1+ PATRONS ----

For becoming a $1+ patron you will get access to sketches, art, scripts, and other cool behind the scenes stuff from me. A lot of this will be Lacuna Break and Transpose Operator related, but there will be other stuff too, like pin designs, game art, fan art, and all kinds of other stuff. Some of the things I post will be specifically for patreon, and other stuff will be patreon early access, so I might post it to my blog or other online places later, but you will get to see it first, right here!

I have an exclusive discord server for all my patrons and twitch subscribers! You will be sent an invite once you join the $1+ tier. This is discord is a place for people to hang out and have fun chatting or sharing. Talks about upcoming streams and process sketches are often posted here, so join in to know what's coming up next!

---- $5+ PATRONS ----

Transpose Operator was my first webcomic, and as many of these projects go, it got away from me in terms of scale & scope. This does not mean that I gave up on it, but I put the comic on permanent hiatus. I am now re-imagining the story as a light novel, and will combine illustrations, comics, and prose. This is a Patreon exclusive & will be available to those of you paying $5+. Eventually I will make a new website for Transpose Operator in it's new form, but chapters will always go up on Patreon first, no matter what, so you will be able to read it before everyone else on the internet!

The prologue, and chapter 1 are out with chapter 2 on the way, and there will be a new installment every week once the chapter starts until it ends! There will be a break in-between the chapters.

Transpose Operator is a far future sci-fi story taking place on a unknown planet. Humanity and synthetic lifeforms are fighting a losing battle against the Cult of the Red Queen, whose followers are infected with a possession that science cannot explain. These few vestiges that continue to fight are known as The Resistance, whose members are the last sane humans and synthetic lifeforms on the planet. They fight not only for their own survival, but the survival of all life on their planet.

"My ears were ringing from the blast, my vision was blurred, the scene before me was chaotic and unclear. When my vision came back into focus, I could see a large portion of the hallway I had just been running down was now gone, and in its place was a gaping hole revealing the destruction outside.
Plumes of smoke, gunfire, screams… The war was here… the war had come to the capitol… and it had been Max and I who had let them in. As I looked out through the missing hallway I could see the fighting below, I could see my colleagues dying and I had to ask myself… had we done the right thing?

There will be a lot of violence and mature themes in this story, so it is a 15+ recommended rating. If there is something in particular I need to warn readers of about the contents of the story I will preface that given chapter with a warning, so you will not be caught unaware of the content.

Once the patreon reaches $600+ a month I can start planning more projects beyond Lacuna Break's 2-times a week update, and Transpose Operator's escalated update goals. I'll have more specific plans when we get there.

I am also considering community events like movie/tv/game nights where we all meet up to hang out and participate in an activity together.

Thank you so much for getting this far in the post. If you can help me achieve my dreams of making my own stories for a living I will be eternally grateful. I'm looking forward to creating lots of awesome stuff and sharing it with you.

13% complete
Once patreon reaches $600+ a month, Lacuna Break will become a 2 pages a week webcomic, and Transpose Operator will have 1 new chapter every month!
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