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I will draw a cartoon version of yourself! You can send me a photo or a description on here or email me at [email protected] ***When you send a message please title it "PATREON REWARD" so you won't be overlooked! This will be a digital drawing sent to you via email. It won't be a monthly award, but the updates above will be included as well! (Early access to comic+additional comics, wallpapers and behind the scenes content). 




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Hello friends! 

My name is Christina Burns. I am a cartoonist living in Los Angeles and drawing comics is my absolute passion. 

  Unfortunately, I can't devote too much of my time to drawing comics because I don't make a living with Roxy Rein. I would love to grow my following for Roxy Rein and write/illustrate children's books one day but despite whether I do or not, I am still going to be drawing comics regardless because I love it so much! However, I am asking for your support because I would like to devote much more time to my comic and other art projects than I do now. I post new comics once a week, but I'd like to be able to share more laughs with you all way more than that! Creating more comics is my main priority, so your support on Patreon would mean the world to me, even if its just as little as a dollar! 

 Not only will I be producing more Roxy Rein comics, but I will also produce more content with the help of your pledge! This includes illustrations, personal drawings, snippets of behind-the-scenes work on other projects and more! 
There's totally no pressure, I am going to keep creating comics regardless but anything helps and is greatly appreciated :) 

Showing love on social media is pretty awesome and very much appreciated, too :) 



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If I reach this goal, I will release 2 comics a week; Your regular comic on Wednesday and then a special Sunday comic! The Sunday comic will be longer and written in with a story rather than just a gag cartoon. Each Sunday comic will be continuous  from each week like a graphic novel! Making that a reality will take up a lot more time and it would be amazing to see that happen, so with the help of your support we can make that possible! :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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