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Hello. My name is Riley McCarthy, I am the artist Royalty. I'm 20 years old, I'm from the East Midlands of the UK and I've been producing EDM music for six years. A song will naturally take me around 2 to 3 months to create from scratch. First I start with chords, then melody, then automation and layering, before mastering, releasing and advertising. Every aspect of my production I have self-taught and I set up my own advertising campaigns, usually resulting in hundreds of emails to various promotion groups.

I do not need money to carry on creating, however if I wish to take it an extra step, revenue will be a must. I'd like to move towards full courses on the aspects of my work to gain more insight and further improve myself. The money you pledge to me will go directly to both my education and hardware neccesities ie. production equiptment that will further enable my skills to progress.

I cannot offer much to give back to those who pledge, however your support to me will help me turn a passion into a career and allow my work to hopefully become monetized, as for now I make nothing from my music. Once again, it is not neccesary to pledge to me to continue working. I am asking for revenue to further enhance my skills with professional courses and hardware.Thankyou so much for continuing to support me. It means the world to me.

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Generous ($2 or more)
A personalized thank you will be sent to your account from me directly.

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A shoutout with your username in the description of each song I post to soundcloud for a year.

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An extra shoutout with your username in the bio of each song I post to YouTube for the next year.

Don ($15 or more)
Includes previous tier perks
I will let you choose the title for my next song, within reason :)

Gracious Investor ($25 or more)
Includes previous tier perks
I will work alongside you to create your own personalized song for yourself of someone else, using your feedback and criticism to make it how you envision it.
$0 of $70 per month
This money will go towards being able to purchase the Deadmau5 Masterclass for myself. This is private online tutoring by himself in a range of recorded videos. The knowledge in these are extensive enough for me to learn both theory and production and I feel is a great starting platform for myself.
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