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Hi, I'm ROYES! I'm a self-taught artist out of Gainesville, Florida who's obsessed with color. I've been doing art for a few years now but only recently decided to take it public. 

Color makes me happy, so as an artist I go between mediums to express that. I do work in spray paint, watercolor, oil and acrylic. By joining me on my journey, you help out this spray-paint covered college kid get that new can/jar/tube of color and watch me literally learn how to use it. 

By joining me on this you're going to see a ton of color, lots of abstract art and maybe even watch me learn a new skill. After all, DIY till ya die. Hope you come along because it's gonna be a fun time. 

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With $100 I can finally order merch! That means t-shirts, maybe bags, more available prints and who knows what else! I'll be  polling you to ask what you'd be interested in seeing in the order.   
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