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Rozeanne is a venezuelan brand of handmade jewelry and accessories, created by me (Rosa) in 2013 as a way to earn money to pay my college tuition. I started being self-taught, and I still learn by myself every new thing I see. Is true that in 5 years I made courses of some techniques; but I had to learn myself which was Rozeanne style, how to negotiate, where to buy supplies, how to manage social media, how can I create pieces with whatever I could find?....since here you find half of what you're looking for.

Me, Rosa, am a one person entrepreneur doing it all. I work every day of the week even holidays with a tight schedule to launch every collection on time, shipping, uploading photos, talking with clients and everything. Is a routine I love because every piece I design is carefully made with love and finished with the utmost care. Nowadays Rozeanne has grown a lot, creating unique and original pieces from earrings to embellished socks; but it would like to expand and make greater pieces that can be of interest on an international level.

This is where you come in.

As a designer working on a master degree, I want to expand my fashion knowledge and lines inside the brand, it was the idea from the beginning but because of the situation of the economy where I live, is getting harder to face it. Besides being able to find the specific materials I need for my embellished socks, headbands and hats, and making new and better quality designs of handmade jewelry; I want to create a new clothing line for young women and baby/children -I already have the models and designs).

My purpose on patreon is to get YOU involved in my creative process and see Rozeanne bloom like I know it can -besides cover the expenses to take better pictures and prepare a portfolio-. There’s so much I can show (what you can see here and on my Instagram account is just an appetizer), I can create tons of thing as long as I don’t run out of materials.
Your help would mean a universe to me and the brand because this is not only my main income, but I help my family and pay my tuition for my master and other studies with this work.
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This goal will allow me to upgrade my in-stock supplies. This much can guarantee high quality materials, brand stationary -cards, stickers, and more-, and start working on a quality collection. Patreons will have updates of everything new and can give me ideas. Algo some of this will go to my tuition. 
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