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Raffaello Palandri

Business & Personal Happiness Coach

I help you live a healthier, wealthier, and happier personal and professional life by teaching you how to stop self-sabotaging habits, behaviors, and thoughts.
Through the experience gained in more than 20 years, I developed the Yourself, Understood Happiness Coaching Method and with it, I will give you a series of easy to use, yet extremely effective customized tools that will allow you to get rid of stress, anxiety, fears and start to achieve what you want and deserve.
By better understanding yourself, you will be able to develop awareness, compassion, and commitment so that you will be able to change the mental processes that are blocking you now.

Discover the power of the MMQG triad, a physical and mental training based on meditation, mindfulness, and Qi Gong. Improve your health, your skills, and your resilience.


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