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Hello all and welcome to my page.  My name is Mike and I'm looking for help in creating exciting things.  I've been playing games, taking notes, and I'm ready to start getting my own ideas onto pages and out to the world.  I'm hoping we can take this journey together.  Money pledged will go to the production of all my projects and will help pay for artists, editors, and so forth.  Here's what we have lined up:

Card/Board Games: I've got several ideas for a few fun quick card games and a deck building game.  As these become more complete I'll talk more about them but right now they have finished the note phase and are moving onto the prototype and playtesting phase.  Fun times ahead.

Blog/Update Posts: These are going to mostly what I use this page for.  Blogs about books, games, story ideas, movies, and all other blog like topics.  Update posts will be about anything major that gets moved into the next stage of development.  Usually will include pictures or maybe even videos showing off different things.  

World Settings: I'll go into this more into these in blog posts but there are currently 5 settings that I've fleshed out that I want to put into print as campaign settings for various systems I play.  All world settings will be usable for Cypher System, Pathfinder, and Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition first, but could easily be used for any system.  The books will be mostly universal but might need adjustments so they fit into the different rulesets.  I have ideas for many more settings but I want to only focus on 5 right now.  Keep my goals realistic for now.

Short Stories/Novels: I'm always writing but I'd like to get some of my stories refined and suitable for print.  Short stories I will give out for patrons of this site (One of the goals) and novels will either be traditionally published or self-published, whichever feels best at the time.  

And that's everything.  I want to make a lot of cool and exciting things and I hope you want to see them.  Any bit helps, even if it's just spreading the word.  Everything I'm currently working on will eventually see the light of creation but how quickly will depend on the help I receive.  Thanks for listening.  
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At this goal my blog has become my second job and will receive more of my attention.  I will guarantee 2 posts weekly and 1 short story a month.
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