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Show off your House Pride, and RRHP spirit with a custom RRHP mobile and desktop wallpapers!

And get a peek behind the scenes of the group - this might include the ramblings of the MoM, or even polls to help organize upcoming events/games.
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We all want an owl to arrive with our Hogwarts acceptance letter.  While we cannot provide the avian delivery method, we can provide the letter!

You, or a loved one, can receive a custom addressed letter via Muggle Post.  Makes a great gift.

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If you are new to our community: RRHP is a fan community of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, and the best, kindest, and maybe even the most active group of thought-provoking, question-asking, and answer-seeking fans this side of the internet. If you're already a member - thank you!

Every year we read the entire series together and discuss the books along the way. Get sorted into your Hogwarts House, earn House Points via participating in the group, help your team win in Quidditch, pick the best bracket for our Mag-Madness tournament in March, and more!

You can help us reach out to the real world and bring the joy of reading (and maybe HP) to people in our communities (libraries, senior living facilities, schools). Share your love for HP through acts of kindness, such as creating and distributing warm scarves and hats in cold climates, or hats for newborns given to hospitals.

This group is for anyone who loves Harry Potter and wants to be a part of a very active community of fans who have found the best in themselves and other people through sharing in our love for HP. (And I didn't even mention the end of year meet-up party!)

If you're curious to know what we're all about you can find our facebook group right here.

Thank you to all of our supporters, you are helping us grow and sustain the group and community, to make the games better, the interactions better, and increase a positive impact on each other and in our communities.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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