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About Merchant


My name is Merchant, and I make primarily CCG focused content on YouTube & Twitch. The time has come where content creation is becoming a serious opportunity.

It is genuinely the kindness of my viewers that allows me to keep doing what I love. Hopefully creating things that you love too. Never underestimate how even a dollar keeps it going. Your support will go 100% towards the channel, allowing me to hire a video editor & spend more of my own time creating focused content (in depth guides, Tier Two Podcast etc).

One of the major things that comes with this is how I earn money, I like to talk pretty openly about this which is why my earnings on here are public. Sponsored content opportunities are appearing, and while there will be some that I'll do, people supporting me in ways like Patreon means a few things.

Most importantly, I can make sure that these are entirely none-obnoxious, and that I can promise I will never promote something that I wouldn't either play or use myself. You come to my channels to watch content that you want to watch / read / listen to. Not be advertised to. 

I've gone back and forth a fair bit on the idea of crowdfunding. But due to several people mentioning it, I've decided to do it. If there's anything you'd like to see as a reward for your support, I'm always listening.

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At this stage, I'll be able to work with a professional editor for every single video, upping not only production value, but also the range of topics & content I'm able to cover :)
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