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is creating pilots for webseries

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Moustache, Good Haircut, and/or Pet
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This is a tier for people who have moustaches, a haircut that they like, or pet(s) who just want to help.

No Moustaches or Pets
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This is a tier for people without moustaches or pets or are trying to save money on haircuts who just want to help.

Magical Fairies
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If you are a magical fairy creature and want to spend $5 per thing I make, you can also get behind the scenes footage of me making a fool of myself sometimes. And eventually I will set up a discord or something that you can ignore most of the time.




per creation


Hey I have a bunch of ideas for video series and probably I'll never stick with any of them enough to make a full series but I could maybe make one episode of each of them? The plan is to fully start next month (May 2019), and do (hopefully) one pilot a month(ish). If I really like something or if it gets a big response I might do a second episode. Who can say?

This patreon will go solely to expenses and supporting me financially, but for any episode where I enlist the help of others (cast, crew, whatever), they will become co-owners of the finished product (based on hours worked), and if it makes any money from other places, they'll share in that revenue. I'm still thinking through this and researching co-ops and shit so this part is subject to change (the first few things I make will either just be me or me and one other person).

In the video, I'll preview some of my upcoming ideas.

Also, at no point do I expect to ever have a patron, and if you know me personally I suggest you don't become a patron because I'll probably feel guilty about it.
$0 of $100 per creation
At this level I will make a social media space (Discord? Slack? Facebook group? idk) where all my patrons can play a weekly game of some sort with me, should they so choose.
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