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THANK YOU so much for landing on my Patreon page - here is the story of Running on Sober, and what I hope to achieve with this podcast and your support.

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Jackie and I’m a writer and advocate for sobriety. In May 2015, I quit drinking for good. I wrote all about the story behind this decision and the start of my sober journey in a blog called the Wine Bitch. After a while, people actually starting reading the blog...and commenting! (nice things). After a year or so, I turned my blog into a book (Sober Ever After) and then another book (How I Quit Drinking (and how you can too)) and people read my books and started emailing me. The people who talked to me (mainly women) had much in common with me. For various reasons they found themselves caught in a 'drinking cycle' and they struggled to get out. They felt trapped by peer pressure, a booze soaked society, fear, guilt and a sense of isolation.
They started sharing their stories with me, and each and everyone of those people inspired me to keep going, to keep writing, and keep reaching out. 
The Wine Bitch blog evolved into a website, and Running On Sober is now where I hang out and share my blogs and articles and resources for people who are on a similar sober path.

The Running on Sober Podcast.

The Running On Sober podcast features amazing women, with inspirational stories. Each week, I interview an entrepreneur, a blogger, an author - women from all walks of life, with stories of overcoming adversity, embracing change, self -improvement, grit and determination.
I am a true believer that our stories can touch and inspire other people to keep going when they feel hopeless, can teach people, or even just make someone feel that there are people out there who 'get it'.

Where do YOU come in?

I've been writing and recording in my little office for over three years, and it's been great. But I would like the podcast to be self-funding, so I can invest in better equipment, pay for the incidentals like software and hosting fees.
I've been investing my own money, but a little bit more cash and I can reach out to a bigger audience, and maybe help more people. 

What Do I Get?

My eternal Thanks of course. The lowest tier is a $1, and for that I thank you and give you access to behind the scenes stuff like my recording schedule - you'll get to know who I am interviewing before the podcasts are released. The next tier is $2 and for that you get everything in tier one, plus a monthly entry to win a fabulous Running on Sober mug. And finally tier three $3, all the rewards for tier one and two, plus three opportunities per year to be entered in a draw to win a free place on the Running On Sober program (see details here)

What FINALLY what else?

THANK YOU – each and every one of you. THANK YOU for your support.
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With $1500 per month, I'll be able to upgrade equipment, and reach more listeners
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