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For donating me this $1 you will have my eternal gratitude, it means so much to me that even though you cant donate a lot, your still determined to do your best to help out me and my channel. The thought of that just puts a smile on my face :)

(Also I will forgive you for using adblock on my Youtube videos ;D)
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For those who give $5 or more I will give them a free personalised recording, simply write a sentance and I will send you me reading it out and you can do with it whatever you like :)

(Although I wont record anything racist or things like that for obvious reasons)
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For those who donate $25 or more I will give them a free monthly consultation session. Do you want to know how to edit, How you can improve your channel or how to grow on YouTube then I will give you all of my knowledge on whatever you want to know:) These sessions would be about 1 hour long though the time limit is not set in stone :D




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I'm a gaming YouTuber who plays mostly CSGO, Arma 3 and Rainbow 6 Siege. I do enjoy dabbling in other games and making videos on those too. I do YouTube as a hobby and whilst I earn almost nothing from ad revenue I have still ran this channel at a monetary loss over the past few years. However that is an unsustainable way of doing things and right now I need your support. I would ramble on more about how i'm so pitiful and am basically that little kid in oliver holding up his bowl asking for more but I wont. Thankyou for your support :D
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Star citizen seems about as demanding of my pc as my stomach is on my nightly raids on the kitchen fridge so It seems I'll need to upgrade pretty soon. If you have any suggestions for PC specs i'm all ears :D
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