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About Rust Cape Town

The aim of the Rust Cape Town Server was to create the best locally hosted server that was free of admin abuse and to establish a community of players. In less than a month, the Rust Cape Town Server soon become one of the top servers in the country and is now in the top 3,and that is why we need your help.

We would like to move the Rust Cape Town Server to its own dedicated box hosted at a secure data center here in Cape Town (lower ping). The new server's spec will also be quadrupled than what we currently have which will allow the server to perform much better and to handle a larger volume of players. Our own box also means we can implement better monitoring and auto resetting when the game server crashes, reducing server down time.

So please support Rust Cape Town Server and help us achieve the goal as best server in the country. If you have reward suggestions, please let me know, as long as its not something that will give massive advantage in the game.

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