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        We are the creators of the original world #1 Legacy server and we have now identified that the new version of rust is almost ready for our development team to return and perform our magic once again.

        We have a dedicated coding and admin team ready to roll and some unique server features that we know our playerbase will love.
        • Worldclass packet management to prevent lag & DDOS.
        • Advanced player muting and spam handling.
        • Advanced banning and IP tracking by a qualified security analyst.
        • Advanced admin tracking skills.
        • /suicide command.

        As the world already knows is that our admins are the most advanced hacker trackers and are able to identify and deal with them even upon entering a server due to knowing all of the hacker cells.

        We have gone all out and are providing a dedicated server protected by Micron21's DDOS protection on layer7, and to follow that we are doing packet inspection on the server level to drop all unwanted international packets.
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        Help us reach our break even goal.
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