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 • Send me a pic of you or your pet or something, and I'll draw it in the Rustled Jimmies style and send it to you as a digital file you can use as a profile picture.

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About Sam Pratt

Hi bubs.

Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page! I make Rustled Jimmies, that comic with the weird potato people. I also enjoy long walks on the beach in full platemail armor, reading poetry under the moonlight, and sprinting through fields of dandelions screaming profanities. But that's enough about me.

Right now I'm making Rustled Jimmies in my free time, but hopefully someday I can focus all of my time towards it.  If you want to just donate a dollar, it will get you access to Rustled Jimmies Minis, a Patreon exclusive comic where all of the leftover ideas that don't make it into Rustled Jimmies go.  Sometimes, I'll turn a Mini into a Rustled Jimmies if I like how it came out!

If you like my comics, please consider leaving me a little tip. I would love you forever.

TL;DR: I appreciate any support
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