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"Happiness can be so elusive. But only if we're hard to please."

-- The Meaning of Life

Everyone who even thinks about supporting me and/or any of the causes of peace, justice and love is a "Soul Friend" of mine. Pass on the spirit! No hate. No violence. 

Here, Soul Friend subscribers will receive monthly updates regarding the latest news, events and project status PLUS a personal email thank you note from Rusty.  After 4 months of patronage, you'll receive a PERSONALLY SIGNED copy of Rusty's album "Head to Heart."

Every dollar helps. If you can afford more than $5 per month it is much appreciated. If not, no worries. Don't overextend yourself on this or any other tier.  Take care of yourself, first and foremost. We need you in the fight. You are important to this world! Never give up!

Rock, Water and Tree Lover
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 "I want to sleep on ancient stones... touch the bark of ancient trees." 

-- Ancient Stones

That's right, I'm a proud rock-admirer, water lover and tree-hugger. How about you? Let's defend the mountains, canyons, plateaus and their streams, lakes, forests and old wood beings before it's too late. And guess what? If we save the rocks and the trees, we save ourselves. Cool idea, huh? 

All RWT Lovers will receive the email thank you note, check-in email each month PLUS a PERSONALLY SIGNED copy of the Album "Head to Heart."

If you can easily afford more than $15 per month, every increment helps out tremendously. Other surprise goodies are in store for those who bump up their monthly pledge.

NOTE:  Signed Album mailed to you after first payment. Thanks so much! 

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"Slowly but surely we're gaining momentum, Free Thinkers rising, more every day."

-- Dark Ages

What is a "Junzi?" This was the term Confucius used for "noble man." Yes, 3500 years ago he probably was thinking of a man (not a woman), and probably a prince or other wealthy individual. Still, he meant a person who was a caring, virtuous person, above all living with "Ren," integrity. 

How about we bring that term forward to our era, strip it of its original male/wealth exclusivity, and invite anyone to commit to living the noble life, a life of Ren! So anyone who adopts this way of being in the world can call them self Junzi. Imagine what a worldwide Legion of Junzis could do! Let's make it happen!

All Junzis receive all the bennies from the previous tiers PLUS a PERSONALLY SIGNED copy of Rusty's first CD, "NWXSW."

If you can easily contribute more than $30 per month, blessed be, good Junzi! Other surprise goodies are in store for those who bump up their monthly pledge.  

NOTE: Signed albums mailed to you after first contribution. Thanks so much!



About Rusty Reid

Hey, isn't it great that serendipity has brought us together? Now, let's you and I see what kind of magic we can conjure as a result of this propitious meeting. I'm determined to change the world for the better... into a more peaceful, a more rational, a more compassionate, a more conscious, a more moral, a more spiritual place for all Earthlings. I'm guessing you want something like that, too. We aren't the only ones. There is a whole tribe of humans across the globe turning their attention and action in this direction. I call this "Consciousness Rising." Propelling this rise in consciousness and authentic spirituality is a far-flung tribe of Soul Friends, Junzis, Rainbow Warriors,  Evolutionary Revolutaries and Captains Stupendous.  I so greatly appreciate your support for my music and writing. I hope you are finding them filled with ideas and inspiration. So let's go Junzis... we have a planet to save!  "Any day we all unite (Unite! Unite! Unite!), that's the day we set the world free." All together, we will succeed! Arete! (Greek for "virtuous excellence")
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Every contribution, no matter how small or large, goes directly into PRODUCTION & PROMOTION of something... songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering, video shooting, post-production, release, etc. Your contributions allow for the acquisition of better equipment, professional assistance, and wider distribution of these songs, albums and videos, all of which in some way promote the vision of Universal Care of People and Planet. 


BELIEVE! You are part of this REVOLUTION. Let's do it!

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