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Patreon is a subscription service allowing me to collect monthly funds from patrons/friends/family/listeners/fans/curious/spacefaring adventurers and monsters in exchange for the creative projects I post online. It is very simple: you sign up for $2/month (or less, or more!) and that gets charged to your card at the beginning of every month. The hope is that with enough of an audience, this becomes a source of income for any artist.


What to expect: For most of 2017-2018 I uploaded a new EP every month or so, along with sneak peaks at the releases I was working on at the time. Many of those remain hidden for Patrons. In 2019 I am working on archiving old and lost members of my discography, and creating an updated folk narrative of my songs, as well as editing a new slightly surrealist science fiction short story compilation.

Here are some projects I have worked on which are publicly available:

A) Music Projects: 
           --{electronic sigils}--
1. Neptune In Babylon [Fake Four INC] - (patrons can get the full unedited version here with 8 extra tracks) - an electronic glitch pop concept album about genderqueer cyberpunk fairies living in the forest. 
2. Hex Collection [Dollhouse Lightning Records] - 6 song glitch pop Dance EP
3. A Great Big Whole At The Centaur [Skip, Jump Records] - experimental sigil audio pop EP
4. The Debug Room [Vulpiano Records] - 2017 electronica Netlabel day submission
5. RizingFenixImogi [Skip, Jump Records] - relaunch pop EP

    --{acoustic sigils}--
6. The Grey Closet Mystery School [Wallflower Records] - sequel to "little demon on the back seat", 8 song queer magick school mythology
7. Little Demon On The Back Seat [Danger Collective Records] - tarot card journey based cinematic rock opera
8. Ballad of The Undercrust [Speaker For The Dead] - full length album by 20+ member folk punk brass band with members all over the country
9. Fifteen Over Six [Flowerpot Records] - compilation of older material from several destroyed EPs 
10. Ten additional EP's worth of music in the below posts unlocked for Patrons of any level or tier. 

B) Writing:
1. WISH (poem) - longform poem novella about desire, manifestation, and lifelong queer romance
2. A Traveler In Discarnia - choose your own adventure with no choices, afterlife dystopian mystery novella poetry chapbook
3. Past Contributor for The Boston Hassle and The Le Sigh (music reviews)
4. Past Contributor for Big Boss Battle (game reviews site)

C) Interactive Media (games) full list can be found on my , narratives not limited to 1-bit rpgs about finding your way home, table top rpgs about building an astral mech out of your feelings, side scrollers for fighting flying robots, and more. 

D) my Youtube Channel acts as a sort of video journal for my witchy ideas and endeavors, I update it sporadically. 


Welcome to the Patreon page for R.U.U.N.E., a project and identity I have created to house all of my artistic endeavors. I have tried over and over to write the right piece for this page, explaining who I am and where I have been, but for now I want to concentrate on what I am doing, and where I am going. 

I thrive and succeed best when I work outside the box, or when I have no box to work inside of. Sometimes I lose track of why I created this project: so that I could artistically do whatever the hell I wanted (within reason, and with respect to audience and responsibility of course). Sometimes I get stuck on a particular aesthetic, a particular genre, but it has become aware to me that I have the most fun, and my "audience" has the most fun watching me, when I wear many hats, complete many different kinds of projects, and when they just cant be sure what to expect from me. 

So that's me. If you are here you probably already have an idea of "me" is, but if not, look around. I am going to keep exploring the odds and ends of my soul in front of a live studio audience, and if you want to be a part of that, sign up! 

Special note: a portion of my material will always be free to everyone, in some way or another, regardless of if they sign up for my Patreon or not. However, recently I have been posting material on Patreon that I do not feel comfortable releasing to the rest of the world.  <3
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You support my art for $5 or more! Thank you! This is really no different than the $2 tier, but I feel more comfortable accepting larger subscriptions because there is a huge backlog of content already posted, as well as a huge backlog of content waiting to be posted!
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On instagram I often do flash sales of Tarot Readings. Some folks seem to be repeat customers, so If you sign up for this tier, you can just throw down $10/month and get little 3-5 card readings whenever you want, up to 4 times a month. These readings come as text prose with pictures of the cards drawn. 

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I am no longer attempting to earn a living as a self employed creative anymore, but living under capitalism entails drawing income from as many sources as possible. $100 is a big chunk of money towards paying a bill every month!
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