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About RVAHub

RVAHub is the intersection of Richmond’s news, arts, entertainment, lifestyle, and event scenes featuring hyperlocal community reporting, unique viewpoints from a diverse group of emerging voices, and analysis of what makes our city tick.

Edited by Trevor Dickerson and Richard Hayes, two locals with a passion for Richmond and keeping its citizenry informed, entertained, and up-to-date, the publication is a labor of love and we'd love your support to keep it going for many years to come.

We’re dedicated to sharing stories about the people, places, and things shaping our community and moving RVA forward–all while not taking ourselves too seriously.

RVAHub is a resource for people who are hip to Richmond, who enjoy going out in the community, and being in the know of regarding all things RVA.

Our site is read by a diverse group of people, largely in the 25-44 age range who live and breathe Richmond. They’re the city’s ambassadors, the ones who know of all the newest and greatest things going on, but also recognize, respect, and enjoy all the classic and historical things that make our city great.

Our key coverage areas:

People & Places | Business | Lifestyle | Events | Sports | Arts & Entertainment | Theatre | Food & Dining | Crime

Signature RVAHub features include:

Weekly Restaurant News: Keep up with the Richmond area’s burgeoning restaurant and foodie scene with news, analysis, and chef profiles each week.

RVA Beer Explorer: Dive into the area’s exploding craft beer scene with resident beer expert Richard Hayes–learn about new breweries, beers, collaborations, and more.

RVA News In Brick Headlines: Each week, we take our favorite local headline and Lego-ize it, portraying the subject literally and hilariously through bricks from our vast collection. Why? We’re not exactly sure, but we hope it amuses you as much as it does us.

Weekend Event Picks: Get our hand-picked recommendations of where to go and what to do in our amazing city each and every weekend–know where the best events are going on, all the details you need before you go, and commentary on the best way to experience each event.

Holiday & Seasonal Guides: Throughout the year we’ll provide seasonal guides on the best way to experience the city at different times (think Christmas, the Fourth of July, etc.), gift guides, entertainment roundups, guides to things like Richmond Restaurant Week, and more.

We’re locally owned, operated, and managed and offer insightful, smart, and tenacious coverage, delivered in a more casual, approachable tone than many other outlets in town. In addition to city-wide reporting, we provide hyper-local neighborhood coverage in six communities around Richmond.
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