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Hi, I'm a singer-songwriter... here to share my music with you all. Join me in bringing music into this world!

The end goal is to earn a sustainable location independent income making music as I sail around the world gathering experiences and stories to share with you. 

Here, you can enjoy exclusive first access to demos, music videos and short video stories (music vlog episodes). Tribe members will receive a variety of exclusive benefits. With the tribe's support I will be able to double down again and again on creating for you and expanding our collective musical landscape. A big thank you in advance! 

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⭐️My oh my, you are a true patron of the arts! You will receive: 

- Access to Tribe only feed


- Receive an MP3 download of all original songs when they are released here first. 

- A special thank you in the credits at the end of videos. 

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Thank you soo much! Its truly humbling to receive such belief and good will. You will receive: 

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- Receive MP3 of all covers 

- Receive a email giving you the story of the song, where it came from & its inspiration. 

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Wow, you are the kinda person that defies all expectations, aren't you? :-) Love you! You will receive: 

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Here, I want to learn about you, your life and lets tease out a topic for a song together over coffee or tea (if thats more your thing)! (I'm sure we can get together a few times a year either in person or digitally, at least!)

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All homage is paid to you my liege. Not only do you defy expectation but you know what you want and you make it happen. Like a Boss!!! Careers are made or broken with this level of support. Therefore, you get the most valuable thing I can offer anyone in this world. TIME! 

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I will perform an intimate concert for you, your friends and your family! Lets find a time where we can both get together and celebrate our tribe's music together. (minimum 8 months membership)

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This is the real deal! The first stage of double down on writing music. That means I can dedicate more time toward bringing you quality musical content and start upping my game on music video productions. 
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