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What's a "Community Song" you ask??? Citizens, Parliament, and Knighthood vote on ideas for the Community Song of the month. These ideas are themes, concepts, lyric lines, melodies, riffs etc. proposed by Parliament and Knighthood. The top three ideas are finalists voted on again by Knighthood to determine what the Community Song of the month will be about.

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Citizen & Immigrant Perks (Two acoustic songs, Community Songs, Vote on Community Song ideas)



About Ryan Ohlin

Hey I'm Ryan. I've loved music since I was a baby. My first favorite movie was Disney's Fantasia for crying out loud. My mom has told a story on multiple occasions that as soon as I could speak I would tell her to "rewind" the radio to go back to the Nine Inch Nails or Nirvana song that had just ended. I grew up absorbing the sounds of the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties pouring out of my father's speaker system as I ran around in circles in our living room like a medicine man possessed by ancient spirits. Maybe the muses had been taking up residence in my psyche because by the time I reached sixteen a critical mass had been reached and I picked up a guitar for the first time. About a year later I wrote my first sappy love song. Not long after that I began recording all my ideas. When I graduated high school I knew I didn't want to pursue a "traditional"path through life. I drove off to the other side of the country and studied audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. I learned to see life in a completely different way inside and outside of the class room. The world is composed of vibration; vibration we can hear is called sound. It makes up our bodies and environment and connects one thing to the next in an indivisible tapestry of cosmic waveforms.

After school I lived in New York City and spent the first few years of my twenties working in studios and observing the American rat race around me with even more detachment than in high school. Holding onto the music that had grounded and centered me more tightly than ever before, the chaos of the big city swam around me in a dissonant cacophony. I saw the best and worst of humanity there and my beliefs cemented more firmly: we each create our own vibrations in life like a pebble sending ripples along the surface of a pond. We should become conscious of the ripples we are sending out, let the ones we were not conscious of settle, and move forward with our lives to consciously create ripples that flow in harmony with the universe.

I got burned out in New York though, torn up by an undercurrent of cynicism and doubt in my seemingly too-beautiful vision of life. I retreated to South Carolina for a while to stay with family while I reconsidered my direction and beliefs. I fell in love there, not only with a pastoral tropical paradise, but with the woman I will one day marry: my fiance' Ashley. Just when I was starting to think myself too naive and optimistic I found someone who had had a much rougher life than I but had somehow managed to hold onto a playful childishness I had never seen in someone so individualistic, mature and wise. Harmony had been achieved once more and I now had the perfect partner and companion on the path under my feet.

In the last eight years I have written somewhere between three and five albums worth of material. Not all of it has been recorded and I need your help to accomplish that. All my life I have pondered the timeless question: "Who am I?" I'm on the cusp of my twenty-fifth birthday knowing in my heart that who I am is an artist.

"Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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