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Every penny helps. Thank you! You will have access to the patron posts!
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You will have access to the patron posts, and you will be able to join my patron-only Discord channel! There I will do some special events including giveaways, Q&A and much more!

You will also get a special rank on the server!

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Almost identical to the last one, but this one will give you the best rank on the Discord server, priority support, and also the ability to do a second chance on giveaways!
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About Rymmiss


Currently, I am working on a YouTube channel, where I will start uploading videos! I am planning on making 1 video per day, and hope to start some day in the month of May, 2018. I made this Patreon page because I wanted to start my channel faster. Since I am saving up money to buy a microphone, I would greatly appreciate if you would support me


I don't just want you guys to start supporting me and get nothing from it. That's why I added some rewards, so you can get something as a thank you from me! Any amount helps, seriously.


Thank you for reading this post, and I hope to see you around some day!
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Right now, I would be very grateful if we could hit this goal, so I can start my YouTube channel, as soon as possible. Also I will use most of this money to do giveaways on my Discord server! So wait no longer, and join my server! Thank you!
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