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About rymslim

Hello Everyone!

I joined Patreon because I wanted to be able to support myself doing what I love; Drawing. Patreon is a tool to simply allow you and those who enjoy the foolish scribbles I call art, to support me if they wish.

With your support I would gain the opportunities to start projects(hopefully), create full coloured illustrations and release a steady stream of content for everyone to enjoy, while also helping to support me, which is completely up to you. So no pressure. But every little helps. Thank you

What You'll find here?

Everything will continue as usual but you will gain access to drawings in their; 

  • Various sketch forms
  • step-by-step images from the start to the final piece, 
  • annotated video tutorials
  • hi-res save files of each piece. 
  • Exclusive Patreon pieces

How I get paid/How Patreon works

The simple and Best thing about patreon is that for me to get paid, I will have to produce the content necessary for it to be of value for your time and money.
Allowing my supporters, Yes YOU!, full control of your cash. Patreon also allows you to choose the number of times you want to pledge during the month and what content to support, especially if something is not to your liking. So no need to worry and feel like you are chained down to support me each month. It is easy to opt out of whenever necessary.  

I will greatly appreciate your support and hope to be able to interact and share all my sketches and ideas with you. Along with any future projects/ideas I want to work on. Every little can go a long way. 

Thank you!!!

You can see some my works here:

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