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This tier is definitely a great help and that you want to support more content.

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Joining the Postcard Club supports me but I send you a postcard made from one of my many pictures on my travels. This tier is similar to Tier 3 Subscription on Twitch but without the emotes.

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This tier is for patreons that want me to buy a specific game to play in that Month. I'm limiting it to 1 person just in case. I was actually hoping to mix and match 1 time purchases and monthly subscriptions but that is not an option. So if you already paid your 60 and don't want another month please remember to lower your tier or cancel.




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Hello, My name is Ricky and my online handle is typically Ryuji the Decoy. I am currently an Affiliate Twitch Streamer and Amateur Photographer. You can find me live on twitch or check out some of my travel pictures at flickr. I am looking for support in growing my skills and tools set, which includes building a new computer for streaming and editing and a new camera for photography and videography. Thank you for considering to support me.

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