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Find any of our team at an event and say that you're a supporter, and we'll give you swag. This might be stickers, it might be some of the other things we've given out in the past: patches, dog tags, PCBs, RFID key fobs. It might even be something new! It's also a great way to meet people on the team and say hi.
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If you give us 5 bucks, we'll probably give you better swag when you ask. Just sayin'.
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Technical support.

Got questions about flame effects, electronics, welding, insurance? We can't do your project for you, but it's very likely someone can help. We're generally helpful people, but we love our supporters even more!




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Who is Site 3 Fire Arts? We’re a collective of engineers, artists, programmers, and makers based out of Toronto. We’ve tackled several big ambitious projects in recent years including: Super Street Fire, a live-action adaptation of Street Fighter 2 where you punch fire at your opponent; Riskee Ball, a fiery reimagining of classic skee ball; and the Charcade, an entire fire arcade at Burning Man 2013. We’ve exhibited our work at Maker Faire, Burning Man, Nuit Blanche, FIGMENT, and many other art festivals across North America, including a segment on Daily Planet this summer.

Riskee Ball as part of the Charcade, Burning Man 2013

Why do we need your support?

People loved the Charcade in 2013 so much that we’ve decided to make something even bigger and more insane: a fire carnival, otherwise known as the Charnival. We’re hoping to create a festival-within-a-festival showcasing incredible fire art carnival games, rides, and other freak shows, with better gating and entrances and even more spectacle. We already have plans to renovate Riskee Ball and are talking through the details of another large and delightfully death-defying build: bumper cars!

Concept art for Crash and Burn. Not shown: a lot more fire.

We don't make money on our art. We unfortunately don't break even, either - as a labour of love, we build these interactive fire art experiences to share with our own money, unpaid time, and personal equipment. We're supported by the generosity of organizations such as Burning Man, Maker Faire, and other local arts groups, which goes a long way but never completely funds our endeavours. We've never charged pay-to-play, and we hope to keep it that way.

Be a patron of art as well as education?

Since fire art isn't something that's taught in school, we make it a strong priority to teach others the skills we've learned over the last five years, and we want to share that information with you as well.

We will be holding flame effect workshops for other artists and groups interested in participating in the Charnival. Planned for four cities (Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Pittsburgh), we will spend a weekend going through flame effect design and safety and helping project teams build prototypes of their carnival games.

Flame effects workshop from March 2014

And what can we give you in return?

With each milestone of our project development, we'll release blueprints and technical documents for the work we're doing. This can be engineering drawings for the bumper cars we're building, custom designed circuit boards for our flame effect controllers, or the source code we use for creating custom LED lighting effects. 

Releasing this information in a way that other groups can learn and not have to reinvent the wheel in the process is very important to us. We'd like to try a different fundraising model than the Kickstarter method, so this seems like an experiment worth trying. We make cool stuff, teach you how to make cool stuff, and then you build on it and make even more cool stuff!
$23 of $100 per blueprint
At this level of funding, we'll be able to burn more propane as we test designs. More fire is more better! And will lead to better designed flame effect heads, more videos, and more trips to the refill station.
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