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This tier is for if you just want to show support. As thanks, you'll get to read each month's comic before it's posted on Tapas!

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Access to all WIPs, sketches, and artwork in high resolution, including sketches that aren't posted to my social media, as well as early access to the comic before it's posted on Tapas.

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You or your character will cameo in one of my comics, scenario permitting. You'll also get access to each comic page as they're completed. Plus everything in the Acolyte tier!



About Whiskeyjack

Hi! I'm Whiskeyjack - a 32 year old, SEAsian trans guy living in Australia - and I draw stuff. I have a full time job and draw comics in my free time.

Currently I'm working on A Bittersweet Eternity, an anthology of one-shots which is updated monthly. Other projects in the works are The Marauder, a post-apocalyptic family drama; and 同道异梦 - The Dissonant Fates, an LGBT xianxia adventure. 


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