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Welcome to the Patreon page for Saber Collie Studios.

Who am I?
Online, people know by the name Light Lux Collie. I am a cartoonist and artist that specializes in digital content, webcomics, illustrations, and am also in the process of learning 2D animation.

What is your goal?
My ultimate goal is to bring you fun and enjoyable entertainment.

What do you work on now?
At this time I work on multiple webcomics. One being a weekly comicstrip by the very "lazy" name of Comic-Comic. The other is a weekly full webcomic, called Denatured. I also create various types of cartoon illustration. (Including TF art, if you are into that)

Is a weekly comic strip updating every Wednesday featuring the laugh out loud antics of an oblivious Saber-tooth Collie (That's me!) and his disgruntled Coyote best friend. Follow them as they learn to live with each other along with many other growing characters that enter their lives.

Denatured follows the story of young Flynn Fletcher. A high school junior and football athlete who's life is turned upside down when the spirit of a wolf chooses to inhabit his body. As a result Flynn is transformed into an anthropomorphic wolf girl, who also happens to be an excellent cheerleader. Now Flynn, (or Faye as he is now known) must learn to live with her new life. As if high school wasn't already hard enough....Oh, and did I mention that she must also learn how to control her new abilities in order to defeat an ancient evil before it can destroy the world.
Find out more when you follow Denatured, a humorous, slice of life, action packed adventure unlike anything you've ever seen before. Updates on Mondays.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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