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About Sabina Jayde

My name is Sabina Jayde! I live in Marbella, Spain but I’m originally from Sweden. I make vlogs that are mostly about my new life in Spain as I chase my dreams with my boyfriend and our dog. We decided to move in to a caravan and we love every minute of it! I also throw in some fitness related stuff here and there. And music. I love to sing :-) Especially country music.

We did not have a set plan for what we were going to do down here. Right now we’re just taking jobs anywhere to earn a dollar to survive. 

Our goal is to be able to inspire others to take charge of their own life’s and do what they really want to do. Break free from the norm. That’s what I want to give you - a view into how easy it is to break free.

I need you Patrons to be able to pay rent and eat. YouTube is not what it used to be so this is the platform for me if I want to be able to make a penny from my work. Not reaching for an extravagant life here. Though I feel like that’s what we have. It’s a simple life.

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In the future I will come up with more to give back to you. But for now, paying for WiFi is already pushing it. Don’t feel like this is a sob story, we’re happy with what we have! We would be forever grateful for any help you give <3
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