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About Sabira Jade

Hello souls . Thank you for being here. My name is Sabira ( pronounced Sarbra ) it means patience in Arabic incase you were wondering. I am a singer and writer of songs . I make ethereal soul music and it feels wrong to do anything but create music art and magic. Everytime I sing or put something out there into the universe/internet I always get such a beautiful response back. I decided to set up this page to create a more dynamic relationship between me and the people who love and support my music. I am new to Patreon so bare with me . Together we can work it out I hope. I have many many songs/ideas/projects that are to be finished. Would you like to help me do that ? By supporting me on here you allow me to do so. As yet I dont have any detailed milestones other than Im serious about this and believe in myself and what I am creating. I would like to do monthly live shows on perhaps facebook/instagram for you to hear and experience what I do.
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I can take a month off my day job and concentrate soley on making music . thank you .
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