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About Lilly Higgs

Hi, I’m Lilly Higgs, and I make things.

So that’s a really, really basic sum-up of what I do, but it’s the core of who I am. I make things. I make comics, I make illustrations, I make costumes and interesting plushies, jewelry, and sometimes, the odd set of fairy wings.

For those who know me, I’m the daughter of two authors; one who has been speaking and writing most of my natural life, and the other who earned his first book deal after years of refining and work. My early childhood was spent manning book tables and carrying boxes of fresh new novels, going up mountains for mom’s research and occasionally, helping push her characters off of them.

So it’s no surprise that this is the life I’m trying to craft for myself as well!

Where do I know you from?
The internet, probably! Back as a Freshman in college, I created a comic called Confessions of an American Lolita, about the Lolita fashion subculture. From there I got a little one-page series in the English Gothic & Lolita Bible. While at SCAD I kept my head down a little bit, and then I snuck off to Australia for a while.

And then Homestuck happened. If I’m being completely honest, I probably got most of my support as my username “saccharinesylph” where I ran an askblog for Feferi Peixes called Ask The Heiress, wrote a pretty popular fanfic called Loophole that accidentally ended up making a lot of fanlore and spinoffs I’m not aware of. (Please, please don’t show me your petstuck smut.) I also sewed like a madwoman, and seemed to be completely possessed by the creative bug that is Homestuck.

Of course, fandoms die down, and when Homestuck was over, I was ready to set off on my new adventure as an original content maker. As with many things, it's been bumpy, and I always hesitated to reach out for support because I felt awkward asking for help. But after having been persuaded by many of my friends, here I am!

I've got several comics in production, and I hope with your help to bring them not only to you as patrons, but to the world as a whole!
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