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From 🏳️🌈 LGBTQ to economically disadvantaged, there is always work to be done!  Whether it's food drives or outreach, your pledge will give us the power to be an active part in the area's needs.

With this pledge, you will be officially recognized as both an Honorary Member of the Social Justice committee and a Supporting Journeyer in all the ways mentioned previously

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Sacred Journey is a place where a nature-based spiritualist can walk in any time the doors are open and be able to share their beliefs. We are not a private coven,  nor are we a UU church which hosts a pagan covenant group. We are all our own, lay-led, funded by donations of $5 at a time, with property we own and programs open to the public.

We are quickly becoming the major pagan worship hub for Dallas. We have classes such as Tarot Chalice and Meditation, events simply for connecting like Pagan Fellowship and Drum Jam, and an expanding variety of worship and celebration events for the pagan, polytheistic, and alternative religion communities.

We are a Welcoming Congregation, agreeing to welcome seekers regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We pride ourselves in providing a safe, accepting space where people can explore their spirituality and go through rewarding but sometimes challenging life changes such as gender transition.

We do not require a specific tithe amount from our members, so financial stability is a constant group effort from both members and outside supporters--a little cash here, goods donations there. It all comes together to make a beautiful picture of a community.

Do you like what we do? Please consider supporting us! Five dollars a month pays for a tenth of our gas bill. No amount is too little.

Thank you for taking a moment to scratch the surface of who we are. We hope to hear from you soon!
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We love our grounds! We would love them even more if there were a fence on our borders for our outdoor space. This promotes safety for families with children and privacy for individuals enjoying the patio or worshiping outdoors. We have volunteers for the labor, and skilled folks with the know-how, but we need the materials. Help us put pennies together and improve our grounds that much more.
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