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This basic first level tier gives patrons access to all the Yoga, Tai Ji and Qi Gong Workshops. You receive MP3 Meditation and Sacred Music Audios, Subliminal MP3 Audios, Demonstration videos and anything more we can possibly assemble for you. We would love to have you on board and look forward to your feedback and community building. 
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This tier gives you access to all the Sacred Spiral Tai Ji and Yoga instruction videos and classes, Relaxation and Meditation Audios, Subliminal MP3 Program and our library of Workshops. Thank you for joining with this support and enjoy our content.
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This level offers our Patreon supporters access to all our Yoga Classes, Tai Ji Training Modules, Workshop Library, Relaxation and Meditation Audios, Subliminal MP3 Program and includes the live video chat feature! Congratulations and welcome!

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Hi, this Sacred Spiral Page has migrated - Please find on Udemy as we have had much better sucess over there.
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We are just starting up here on Patreon, so i thought a nice first goal while we build with your support, would be to be able to offer weekly live streamed classes. Your Patreon assistance would not only help us with buying the necessary tech to get started, but also give you personal access to a preferential support and Q service. 
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