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In addition to all the basic perks Wonderful Patrons get, you will be subscribed to a never been published before, Patrons's exclusive serialized story set in a fictional universe of my creation.

It's a world not too different from the one we live in, but it does have gods, demons, nature spirits and all kinds of mythical creatures living among humans!

Each part is about 2000 - 8000 words in length,  and will be published on the first Monday of every month (to begin in April 2020).  



About Joni Chng

I want to focus my efforts on producing quality content for Anything Sacred that you - my patrons - can enjoy and learn from, without making pie-in-the-sky promises. Hence, I am offering only two tiers for now, for the sake of simplicity.

As a Wonderful Patron, not only do you have a hand in keeping the project running, you also become part of an inner circle which you may end up influencing future content.

If you would like to go a step further and become my Faithful Reader, I will be inviting you into a world of my imagining. My short stories can be found in a number of anthologies and magazines. But since there are still so much more I want to explore with the universe I’m building and the colorful characters that inhabit it, rather than waiting to find the perfect outlet to publish them, I am creating a home for some of my stories here. So, for just the price of a cup of coffee or a magazine (depending on which part of the world you live in), you will have access to a new, never been published before serialized story every month.

These stories are a mix bag of genres at varying length and may contain some kind of speculative element, from sci-fi and fantasy to horror and historical fiction. All stories take place in the same universe, at times continuous or loosely interconnected. It’s a monthly dose of entertainment and momentary escapism, from me to you, as a token of appreciation for your patronage.

Finally, as patrons, you will be the first to know and be in the loop about any projects I am working on, whether pertaining to Anything Sacred or not.
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