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 Message me once pledging with your GamerTag or Steam ID to be added!  *This is a lifetime perk unless my friend list becomes full, then I will begin to remove those who are no longer Patreons*

As long as you're a monthly Patreon:
You're welcome to join in open lobby games including Sub Day games, even if you're not subscribed on Mixer.

Special role in Discord to access a private channel (easier to contact me with questions or just general chats!)

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Beginner Tier included Plus:

Add my SnapChat for direct conversations and the quickest way I respond to chats! This is only while you're actively in this tier.

*Don't be a creep, this isn't for nudity nor a way for you to hit on me. I will block you and there will be no refund.*

Your choice of a monthly handwritten thank you note or signed selfie mailed to you! (Or not, my handwriting is garbage). 

**This is only for US, Shippin' ain't cheap**

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Intermediate Tier included Plus:

Have a monthly movie night with Sassy (and sometimes Hailey)! Dates will be determined at the beginning of each month to figure out the best dates for everyone! This isn't a one on one session (unless you're the only one in this tier). This includes video chat (if you want it to). Once again, don't be a creep, you will be blocked with no refund. 




Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. You can call me Sassy, everyone else does.
I like The Office, cars that are sexy and go fast, and sometimes I snort when I laugh.

I have recently become a full time streamer, so all of these wonderful donations will be used for food, new hardware for the stream and to pay my bills!
If you decide to donate, I really appreciate it, you're the reason I'm able to finally have my dream job.
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