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Sagging Meniscus is a small press publishing poetry, experimental or exploratory fiction and literary non-fiction, with an special interest in idiosyncratic, aesthetically self-determined writers.

Our books are very different from one another, but one thing they share is that they are very different from both the popular and literary mainstreams; they don't flatter our preconceptions about what a literary product is supposed to be, and don't woo our affections by pursuing art as a commodity.  Each book makes its own stand, and has its own way of responding to the world as art.  The variety of these artistic experiences is in itself for us a great joy we want to share with many readers.  We don't try to find books that will please everyone; we do try to find ones that interest us and broaden our appreciation of the world, and that deserve to be appreciated, we believe, by some audience, even a small one.  

If that sounds like a distinctly non-commercial enterprise, that's correct – it's about the art.  Publishing as we understand is a "lossful employment", except in the spiritual and artistic sense.  But while the commodification of art is not what we are about, we are deeply concerned about producing lovely mass-produced paperback books, which are carefully and beautifully designed and printed, because we love the total experience of reading – of discovering a new book in a library or bookstore (preferably), of sitting and holding it and being lost in it.  Nothing about that experience grows old or loses its charm and meaning, and we exist to serve it.

We published our first titles in Fall 2015 and published 10 titles our first year; we will probably end up publishing 15 books in the year following.  We keep expenses as low as possible, but publishing is expensive; the design and production costs are not paid for by book sales and we rely on gifts from patrons to continue our work.  
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Release of Sagging Shorts, First Series

Sagging Shorts is a series of pocket books planned for 2016 by Matthew Gasda, M.J. Nicholls, Laura Davenport, Charles Holdefer, and others – short and intense books in a variety of styles that will fit in your back pocket.
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