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- Community access/input (including project suggestions and QnA opportunities)

- Experimental Instrumentals mp3 downloads

- Genre Swap Covers mp3 downloads

- Talks/Tests Demos mp3 downloads

Hands-On Creators
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- All $1 tier "Idea Generators" perks

- Instrument DIs from Experimental Instrumentals, Genre Swap Covers, and Talks/Tests Demos (raw instrument output for re-amping, re-tuning, sampling, and tons of other experimenting opportunities)

- 10-STRING SIMPLE SAMPLE PACK (G#0, C#1, F#1, and B1 strings played on the first 5 frets; palm-muted and open with doubles)

- BRICE 37" CONTRABASS SIMPLE SAMPLE PACK (C#0, F#0, B0, E1, and A1 strings played on the first 5 frets; fingered and picked)

Shameless Sellout
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- I'll sell out and make a "Genre Swap" cover of your choice


1) nothing too obscene or vulgar (I wanna make sure my nephews can watch this stuff)

2) the genre we're swapping to has to be one I've already done or one we can negotiate (I couldn't possibly be well-versed in producing every kind of music genre)

3) more negotiating on the song may apply (I hate to admit I do have limitations in my guitar/bass skills)




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About Said Too Much Productions

Join in on the DIY experimenting!
If you love messing around with unique instruments, sounds, and styles then, hey, YOU'RE ONE OF US! For the sake of music, it's our responsibility as a community to not just crank out mainstream content and dare to explore.

But I can't keep doing this alone and that's where you come in. Patrons can look forward to mp3 downloads of my Experimental Instrumentals, Genre Swap Covers, and Talks/Test Demos. More Importantly, "Idea Generators" will have access to the community, offering project suggestions and getting QnA opportunities. "Hands-On Creators" can get instrument DI (raw instrument output), messing with re-amping, re-tuning, or whatever other creative thing you've got in you head.

I'm thankful to anyone who even gets all the way down to reading this third paragraph. Feel free to give and cancel at anytime. With your help we can fund new projects, bounce ideas off each other, and create awesome music. A little community tools and guidance helps us all.


Said Too Much Production,
Kevin Monn
$7 of $250 per month
Allows me to create a new tier that includes patron-only videos of; commentaries on older videos, blooper reels, and behind the scenes stuff
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 91 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 91 exclusive posts
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