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you guys are all amazing and by supporting us you will allow Jonathan and i to keep afloat in this adventure we have ahead of us.
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as well as receiving first access to our videos you will receive our thanks and regular updates to what shenanigans we are up to as well as access to photos of these activities.

Jonathan and i are a goofy couple and constantly up to no good...follow us as we joke and tease each other as we travel around the world.
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not only will you receive first access to our videos and regular updates to what shenanigans we are up to you will also receive special cooking episodes and tips.

i am a professionally trained chef and have a love of food. i will be filming cooking episodes throughout our journey and posting tutorials to my patrons on how to make these items themselves.
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now were talking! with this generous donation not only will you receive first access to our videos, regular updates to what shenanigans we are up to, and special cooking episodes and tips. you will also receive a book of our trip half way around the world to alaska

i am currently writing a journal which i will publish once we finish our first season in alaska. it will contain our personal experiences and feelings about our trip traveling half way around the world.




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About Sailing Gypsy Wind

Jonathan and i (Brittany) are Sailing Gypsy Wind from England where we bought her to alaska to start our own charter business. we plan to make videos along the way about all our experiences and adventures to show our patron's an alternative way to live life. any pledges we receive will help to fund our trip and get our business going. we plan to charter the summers in alaska and spend the winters slowly sailing around the world and hopefully chartering along the way.
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our goal is to eventually have our own charter fleet offering charters to our adventurous guests in remote places around the world. by supporting us you are pushing us one step closer to our goals.
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