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About Sailing Into Freedom

Hi. I am glad you made it to this page. Even if you don't become a Patron from here, you are still interested in the blog and that is what keeps it going. Good on ya mate!

We are a couple that share the dream of exploring the world. We’ve been sailing together for a year and half now (well kind of, we had a bad accident).

The vlog started about my sailing life on a 42-foot Crowther Catamaran named Long Reef, the people I met and took on as crew, the dramas we went through and the places we visited. It changed dramatically with the arrival of Margarida (a new video editor) and the trip we did to the most remote place of Australia, the Kimberley where we hit a reef, tried to save the boat but eventually we lost Long Reef. Suddenly the dream was lost, this was a setback to sail around the world but sailor found a wife and together we overcame this nightmare and decided to buy an old boat. Now we are traveling the world together on our new home, Freedom a 42 foot monohull.

We sail wherever the wind takes us. We live off the land where we can and try to keep our footprint as small as possible. We tend to go to ‘out of the way’ places and because of this we have seen some pretty amazing things.

We want to expand our videos and give you more and better content. With the loss of Long Reef, we have had a tough fight to get back to the sea. Our current patrons have supported us through this difficult time but with your help we can really take Sailing into Freedom to the next level.

Every dollar counts and a pledge as little as a dollar will help to keep the dream alive and reward you with exclusive content. By joining the crew you will have access to Patrons feed with exclusive updates, travel plans, bonus videos, personal phone call... 

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Plukky & Margarida
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With our boat 'Freedom' we are finally sailing but with passage to Panama still fresh in our minds there is still lots to do and essential gear to get. So at the present we are not ready for a crossing to French Polynesia but with your help we can still achieve this in 2019. We are also looking to the future and looking at updating our camera equipment. After all, most of the filming is still done on a cracked screen 5 year old Galaxy S5 mobile phone. 

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