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About Sailing Sea Wulf

Thank you Patreons for joining us on the world's seas.  

 Why Sea Wulf?  Why us?  Why Patreon?  Why Knot?

Living the dream:

Have you ever thought of leaving it all behind to travel the world?  We did!  Two years ago, we sold everything, our home, our stuff, left everyone we knew behind, bought a boat and took off to find out what we are truly made of.  We have sailed in the past, but this is entirely new - we have never lived full time on a boat!

What we are creating for you:  

You will see and experience what few ever do - rare Roman Ruins, unique towns and villages, delicious world cuisine with emphasis on nutrition, the extreme experiences of the sea, ginger falling in.   Viewers loved our first films - calling out the personal perspective, the drone footage, the music, the raw personal story blended with local insights on food and history.

Patreons get early access to our 4K Ultra HD films, locally inspired recipes, beautiful hi-res wallpaper from our travels, live video chats with us and more.  Scroll down to see our early films including:  “ Crossing the dangerous Bay of Biscay”  

 Why Patreon?

We love our work and the impact it is having inspires us to create more. Patreons enables us to continue creating films. It is a hassle-free way for you to get early access to our films.  Choose the level and amount.  Put a cap on how much is charged to your credit card per month - no surprises.

Thank you for your interest in our work. We look forward to having you join us as a Patreon!

Frédéric, Marta and Ginger
Fair winds and following seas!

Status update: 

We have sailed over 2,100 nautical mile - 4,100 kilometers, from France, across the dangerous Bay of Biscay, down the breathtaking Spanish and Portuguese Atlantic coasts, through the notorious Straight of Gibraltar, up the beautiful East Coast of Spain and into the enchanting Med.  Our goal this year - Greece and possibly Turkey.  Every day is a new adventure, each with a new set of challenges, as the seas and weather change daily, often hourly! 

We're getting to know Sea Wulf, breaking it in, smashing a few things (including Frederic's head) and using the first-aid kit a few times.  Boats are far more complex than bricks and motor home/offices - there is SO much to learn, we feel like we are drinking from a firehose!  Ginger, our 12 year-old Labrador, is getting her sea legs and exploring new smells in every port.  We feel at home on Sea Wulf and are thriving, even so, we are uneasy about the unknown.

 About us

Frederic had an early 15-year film making career.  He is, once again, flexing his multimedia talents, creating films in breathtaking 4K Ultra HD resolution capturing - pictures, drone movies, underwater videos and occasionally playing his cello on deck.  Aside from helping her nutrition patients, Marta explores foods in each region we visit, highlighting their nutritional benefits.  MySalu, the app she and her business partner developed and just launched, helps people with dietary restrictions find restaurants where they can safely dine. 

 About Ginger

Ginger, like all Labradors, excels at eating, sleeping and socializing.  Her presence on this trip is invaluable.  She has opened so many doors for us (hard trick to teach).  Complete strangers stop to pet her, talk to her, take pictures with her and post them.  In spite of the language barrier (she struggles with Spanish), she bridges relationships - she is really good at it!   So good, she started her own Instagram page  @aDogOnaCat for her international friends to follow her.  She already has gained over 125 followers in just 3 months.  She has been known to dress up like mini-mouse to celebrate carnival.

On the personal front: After hearing horror stories about live-aboard couples divorcing, we were anxious, it is a small space after all! Being new at this, we made mistakes, broke a few things, experienced scary and tense moments, even so, our relationship is thriving and our marriage is growing stronger every day.

We are grateful for every day and every movie we make for you!

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When we reach 500 patrons per video, we'll hire an editor so we can release more films weekly instead of bi-monthly.   That's what hiring an editor will do for us and for you.  Win-win for everyone!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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