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About Sailing Welded Wanderer

Just a small family from CT USA making a change for happiness. We are Caroline, Dean and our son Dakota. We grew up across the state from each other, a shipyard welding job and a little luck brought Dean across the state and to Caroline. We have been together for six years and we’ve grown tired of the lifestyle we are living. Both of us knew the white picket fence and a two car garage life wasn’t going to bring us any happiness. Working 40 hours a week just for things and hardly any time to live? Why would you want that??
We had enough and set our sights for the sea.

In June 2018 we officially purchased our Brewer 38 foot Steel Sailboat and we are taking all opportunities possible to get into sailing. Never have we been more excited and ready to make such a change. Within the first two weeks we had her hauled by semi from Fair Haven, Mass all the way to Norwalk CT where she has been on the hard for approaching a year.

Our first year : WELL-IT WASN'T EASY. changing so rapidly as we did, selling everything but essentials and moving out of our home and onto our boat with a cat a dog and a then two year old was quite a challenge. throughout summer of 2018 we worked on fixing our "holey" hull and repairing many many leaks. By November 2018 we were finally able to get our first real sailing adventure underway to Bermuda (not on our own boat unfortunately). 

We have a lot of plans and places we are dying to see! We regularly watch and read what others in this lifestyle have to say about their daily lives. It all just makes us want this more and push to move this along faster!

Summer 2019 : Will be posting our first video of the year in about a week or two and then they will be rolling out weekly. we have finally sealed our hull and things are going to really start moving now.

More to come :)

Thank you to any and all readers!
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