Sailzane Region

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Your name is placed on a board at the entrance to our sim that will be seen by all! You will also be allowed to participate in our "Community Home" that allows temporary residency!

Group Tag & Residency!
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You get your very own custom group tag "Sailzane Patron" that shows your support, and will be offered a residence on our sim!

(Contact DarkWolfy Zuta in world to get your residence set-up)




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About Sailzane Region

Sailzane Region is the only Cannon Sergal Lore sim for characters of the Vilous fandom; built in Second Life for those that want to live the Vilous experience in a three dimensional world. We are here to proliferate this fandom and share it with the world, are you here to help support us on this venture?
$50 of $200 per month
Upon reaching $200 dollars per month, we will obtain a second sim and expand our Gold Ring project into the next district; portraying the entirety of the Government Building in full usable form.

(Government building can be fully completed, and a new sim can be purchased to sustain its size)

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