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is creating Ambergris (short film)
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About andre smith (SaintsandSlayers)

My name is Andre, I'm a painter, Illustrator, musician, and writer. I believe everyone has a story to tell, I have 140+ stories I'd like to tell but lets start with one at a time to  maintain sanity. I'm currently working part time to keep things moving and I graduated college. Of course you know what happens after graduating: debt, bills supply and equipment costs  that never seem to cease. but I'm sure you're not here to read my complaints so I'll keep it simple. I'm producing a short film called "Ambergris" . I'd like to provide more details but I'm a " show, don't tell" kind of guy. I've tried applying for grants and other funding sources but thanks to our " current political situation" funding has been cut and I'm out of luck, and so I've come to patreon. Anything and everything helps. Patrons who're will to spare $1 will have access to over 200 pieces from rough drafts to character concepts, patrons willing to spare $5 can get early access to some of my material before it's posted, and for patrons generous enough to give $20+ will receive access to published and unpublished work, a top slot on my list of " Top Patrons" and A top spot in the credits. I'd like to publish at least 2 short films and pitch my series this year and with you generosity anything is possible . I'd like to take a chance at pitching my work to Frederator Studios or Cartoon Network. I will try to come up with an uploading schedule starting with Tuesdays and Thursdays, then Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  If you'd like to request a commission please feel free to contact  me and I'd be more than happy to fulfill the request.

Feel free to check out my instagram page: saintsandslayers1

Thanks for all your help!

P.S. Pardon the terrible quality of the video i was done on an android phone then quickly uploaded. I was still using a run down windows xp computer.
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