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About Saiyurithecutie-Marmallow

Hey there! I'm Sai or Mar. I make comics and fanart. This Patreon is here to provide early access to my comics and the background progress of my work!

Higher tiers ($3.50+) get access to comics that will only be seen by those paying and not the general public. $15+ patrons get all that, a sketch every month, and the ability to suggest projects that I'll draw.

My main webcomics-

Harm None's summary: A story about a witch who moves in with some people. There's romance, drama and a bird; what else could you ask for?  tapas:
[link] webtoon:[link] smackjeeves:[link]

Horn-y Demon's summary: Just a bunch of dudes navigating life and some of them happen to be demons. [link]

Artificial's summary: A story about unconventional friendships, romances, and a strange android on a post-apocalyptic planet. [link]
My exclusive comics on Patreon-

Reverse AU summary: A reverse au of my popular comic, Horn-y Demons, where the humans are the demons and vice versa. [link] *This is only available for $3.50+ tier patrons. 

And there are numerous others with different characters! 
Francis & Charles[link]
Rose & Valerie[link]
ONAC(our neighbors are cryptids)[link]
Plus random short comics of certain fandoms and characters from my own main comics.*This is only available for $3.50+ tier patrons.
Pillowfort- [link]
Instagram- [link]
Kofi-  [link]
Tumblrs- saiyurithecutie devilsafriend
Twitter- [link]
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