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I create random fan art in both sculptures and 2D designs as a hobby since I was in middle school. I decided to continue my hobby after I graduating from university because I couldn't get any legit professional job with this Art major degree (you would understand my situation if you have majored in Fine Art). It's okay, I don't hate my life since I'm doing my favorite things to do. 

I make super cute hamster hideouts and toys!
I had so many hamsters throughout my life and I always thought that their cages seem boring because all those hamster products are very limited in design. I started researching pet-safe materials (hamsters chew and destroy everything in their cages) and made my own designs. My hamster, Taco, LOVES to sleep in his new houses. He never comes out from the house and I don't get to see him very often ever since I started giving him new houses, at least he's happy.

I make BJD (ball-jointed-doll) based on anime or movie characters!
I started making BJD since I was 15. They are very awesome! 

I do random DIY craftings!
There are so many different kinds of fun materials you can use to make ANYTHING! I make extremely cute miniatures, dolls, toys with various materials, such as wool, yarn, polymer clay, etc.

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