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About Manga Sakimoto

First I want to thank you for visiting my Patreon Page. I'm a struggling student and I love Anime and Manga. My work is what I love and I have some of it published, but still, like many, it's a struggle. I used to work with Troy and Scott at Demon Pig Studios before the studio was destroyed by hackers, so if you recognize my art from card games, posters etc, that's where from, and I can validate any enquires you may need. So even if you don't sign up to my page, I love you guys regardless and hope you like what you see.

A lot of the time, my inspiration comes from you guys. Many of you have a character in your head, one you've designed or an image you have fantasy battles with. Nine times out of Ten, a fan will send me a sketch, (a really crude one) but if I can see the general idea behind the scribbles, I can design and Pin-Up your OC (Original Content).

Generally, I do a pic once a week, maybe one every two weeks, but no matter how many I do, it will just be one price, the one you agreed on. I treat my fans well, and if this page becomes popular, I'll be able to give you kinds of good stuff, posters, prints, key-chains ect (Hopefully, we'll get there.)

The feed will feature my thoughts and images, I'll post polls for character designs, but more importantly, even the lower tier guys will at least get the finished pics in low DPI and complete feed access. Sometimes I'll post a tutorial based on a request. Of course I'll do you some mainstream characters based on comics, manga, anime, movies, etc. I'll probably include those in the vote when I run a content vote at the start of the month.

I really hope you'll consider joining my page. It's new now, but I'll definately consider it my blog.  presenting you with something at least once a day, wether its a status, a vote, a character idea or whatever. Your help will get me through college as I do my hair and beauty course. I thank you now, and I offer you the uttermost peace and respect. Always! XXX


If you find this page too sickly sweet and prefere your pic with a more adult edge, you can view my Adult Patreon Page here, it's totally awesome and completely sinister in it's creation as all the posts are request based. Click the link below to be beamed into my sinister world.

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Wouldn't it be cool to be able to send you all a really cool print or poster (signed + personalised) of each update on higher tiers? You could collect them. Wouldn't cost you any more and you'll get something physical.
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