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PDF with HD Art, sketches, line arts and Work in progress updates 
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4x6" and 6x8" HD matte prints sent to you every time you'll be charged.

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About Sakuems

Hello Everyone ^_^ !

My name is Sakuems. I'm a french illustrator and I enjoy creating original paintings and drawings with watercolors, markers and acrylic paint. I do mostly beautiful fantasy women mixing characters with abtract, colorful background and nature. My world is about women, flowers/nature elements, fantasy and captivating characters. I love to tell stories and share the process of my art. I do full color artworks, line arts and step-by-step. I also have a youtube channel where I post the time lapse of some artworks.
I'm setting up this page so you can support my art projects. I'm working on artworks, character designs, studies, sketches, I will also share content from my upcoming books, graphic novel, line arts etc.
I work sometimes on conventions and books with a certain deadline, some months I'll have more content than others, therefore I'm going with the per creation membership, I will charge you only when the content is ready to be send. That includes also boxes, that will feature the content of each set and the print rewards as well, and the original art if someone pledged for it.
I will sometime have more than one set per month, make sure to set a maximum if you don't want to be charged twice.

For a minimum of 2$

♦ HD scan of the artwork(s) at least 3 per set, up to 5/6 from time to time
♦ HD line Art 1 to 3 each time, some old line works and some based on a new piece
♦ HD sketch(es) that I did the previous month, usually 3 to 7 sketches.
♦ PDF with concept art info, tools, paper and step-by-step and upcoming art !
♦ Exclusive preview of future artbooks, coloring books and my graphic novel

Prints for 15$

♦ 4x6" + 6x8" HD prints of 2 of the artwork in the set

Sakuems box for 25$

♦ All 2$+ rewards
♦ 4x6" + 6x8" HD prints of 2 of the artwork in the set
♦ Small  and medium notebooks
♦ 1 boomark, 2 buttons, 1 line art and 2 round stickers

Original Art for 50$

♦ All 2$+ rewards
♦ Box content
♦ A 6x8" original art made specifically for the Set

You will get access to a lot of old rewards once you plegdes, you'll get future rewards as soon as i make the paid post. You will be charged at the beginning of each month for the paid posts I did the month before. Set a max pledge if you don't want to get charge for more than one post.
You can cancel anytime but if your pledge didn't process, you won't receive the rewards.
I really hope you'll stay with me during this journey !

Thank you so much for supporting my art !
$70 of $500 per creation
All patrons will get access to an exclusive bonus artwork video with voiceover :)
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