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is creating a modern magical life using ancient knowledge.

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Smells like Team Spirit

I will send all Patrons donating $5.00 or more 1 package of 10 incense sticks, our choice of over 125 different scents. MONTHLY.
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I will send all Patrons donating $10.00 or more a month:
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AND you will also receive an additional pack of incense. (That's 20 sticks of incense every month.) 
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I've Got My Eye On You

I will send all Patrons donating $20.00 or more a month an Evil Eye charm to ward off negativity and attract only positive vibrations around you. Giving the gift of positive energy is wonderful and you can never have too many!




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Hello, I am Jacqui Newman - a nationally recognized psychic and spiritual counselor. I dedicate my life to helping people attain their most important goals and overcoming their life challenges. I am a full-time witch, two- headed woman*, and psychic. I am available for a variety of mystical consultations and magical enchantments.


I perform daily rituals that bring my talents of over thirty years of experience with genuine Witchcraft, Hoodoo and Magic to my clients. I draw from traditions ranging from Strega, Voodoo, Mysticism, Ceremonial Magick, Celtic, Greek, Satanism, and my own family traditions. I offer a full menu of tarot readings, spell services, rituals, classes, and products to all those wishing to experience real Witchcraft. 

I own
Salamander Sisters Occult Goods and Services
located at
145 Cabot Street  
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915,
which is also accessible at  salamandersisters.com

I offer many services and products in my shop and online.

With your help I think that Patreon can really help me continue my business, and even expand! 

Patreon is a platform that allows my followers and those interested in my work to contribute a set amount each month.

By becoming a Patron, you can get a monthly package featuring my products and services. My goal is to better the lives of my clients by keeping them informed and knowledgeable about the energies in the world around them and show them ways to overcome life challenges. 

Every month I am offering gifts and products from my shop to my Patrons who contribute.
This is my way of saying thank you!

Also be sure to follow me at:
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Yay! More energy and time can be put towards growing the business!. All patrons who helped me get to this goal will receive a package of BACON-SCENTED incense!
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