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I am passionate about helping others grow in business and sales grow, I help you grow you help me grow...




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The Sales Haven: Insights series has been created for one purpose and one purpose only!

"To help all those interested in sales to learn with out judgement or fear of being ridiculed! Most importantly to help you all, be proud of the profession you are in, sales is the easiest hard job in the world! It is a lonely job with a lot of pressure and stress. Sales Haven: Insights, commends you for keeping economies across the globe active, Sales Haven: Insights is here to help YOU!! The unsung heroes of the world!"

I'm Kenny Galloway the founder and host of Sales Haven: Insights, a series of podcast interviews with the top sales professionals and sales thought leaders from around the world. I work morning, noon and night to find the most insightful guests who know allllllllllll about sales from around the world just so you can learn their secrets!

I am professional and entrepreneurial - Sales strategist, Sales Motivator and LinkedIn Advisor, with over 10 years experience in sales, marketing, customer service, and management. I struggled for 7 years of my 10+ years, sales career, those 7 years were tough, I did not have a clue about sales even though I thought I did, then all of a sudden I started to get it, the penny dropped. Sales isnt about YOU making money even though thats nice, its about YOU helping people and once people seen that in me, those people then started to ask me for help! Which was crazy, well cause I told myself its just little old me!! Then I started to think, if I felt lost for so long and other people feel lost maybe we all just need some guidance??? there must be tons of people out there who feel the same and so, Sales Haven: Insights was born!!

I help businesses and sales teams grow their profits and customer base through experience, knowledge and motivation.

My passions are:
- Helping people achieve success in Business and Sales
- Careers Education
- Science
- Technology
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I want to help create 200 people on their sales journey.

If I get 200 followers and help all 200 of them through my content, I will offer one 30 minute sales coaching (worth $45) session to all 200 followers.
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