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If you like the way I play and do my videos I can teach you all I know from how to tune a drum kit very easily as well as how to play Roger Taylor's signature sound. NO SHEET MUSIC included all you need is your headphones, your hands and your sticks - LETS DO THIS! :) 




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About Sally Eddy

Hello There! Welcome to my Patreon Page!
For those who don't know my name is Sally Edwards and I am a YouTuber who's videos are centred mainly around the British rock band called Queen. My videos consist of Queen drum covers, reactions videos as well as vlogs and I absolutely love seeing the fan base grow and hear from people all across the world who love my favourite band in the entire world.
However, many people think that just because you are on YouTube that you get lots and lots of money once you get past a certain amount of subscribers - unfortunately unless you are vastly popular this is not true ! A lot of my videos are include copyright music from the band which I have no problem with at all but it means that I don't get any money for the time and effort that has to be put into my videos. I record both sound and video and then edit my footage all together and if something breaks or I want to improve how my videos are a lot of it has to come out of my own pocket especially when a lot my videos are blocked or copyrighted. 
However ! this is why I created this page - not only will I be able to post a lot more covers on here in advance before they go on YouTube without the risk of them being blocked but it also means that I can get to know my viewers and supporters a little more.  You guys are in control of the content that I will post so whether you want to see a little bit more about my life from livestreams to daily vlogging or even a request drum covers form where your request as well as feature on my YouTube video - the choice is yours!

Every little penny, cent or dime counts (think that's right ! :P ) and I really appreciate it and thank you in advance if you do decide to support me! 

Many Thanks !!! xx

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